317G Overview

Big time uptime.

With superior pushing power and breakout force, the 317G CTL delivers the tractive effort and leverage to dig-in where other machines just spin. The optional 15.8-inch-wide track is just 4.5 psi, so you can work in soft underfoot conditions and increase side-slope stability. The redesigned vertical-lift boom rises up to 10 ft. 1 in. and delivers best-in-class lifting and truck-loading ability while the optional deluxe LED lighting package, with integrated side lighting, enhances the view of the jobsite. Combined with 2,125-lb. rated operating capacity, the 317G can precisely place pallets and carry the big loads.

317G Features

  • Final Tier 4-emission certified engine
  • Clear sightlines above and below boom
  • Optimized power-to-weight ratio
  • Swing-out hydraulic coolers
Net Power45.6 kW (61 hp) @ 2,600 rpm
Tipping Load2756 kg (6,070 lb.)
Rated Operating Capacity965 kg (2,125 lb.)
Bucket Breakout Force2724 kg (6,000 lb.)

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