313 Overview

Even less of a good thing.

Like its bigger E-Series Skid Steer siblings, the 313 delivers best-in-class stability, visibility, and serviceability. Lightweight and agile, yet surprisingly powerful, this highly capable compact is the perfect size for confined areas. Easy to transport between jobsites, too. So you can get more done, more reliably, for less. Features such as heavy-duty drive chains that never need adjustment, easy-to-fill large-capacity fuel tank, and a self-cleaning, no-grease Quik-Tatch™ ensure it's as easy to maintain as it is to run. Plus, this little dynamo is highly versatile. Equip it with any of the many Worksite Pro™ attachments, and watch productivity take off.

313 Features

  • 2.4L turbocharged diesel engine
  • Interim Tier 4 emission certified
  • Four-wheel-drive powertrain
  • Computerized in-cab monitor diagnostics
Engine Power33.5 kW (45 hp) @ 2,400 rpm
Operating Weight2338 kg (5,150 lb.)
Bucket Breakout Force989–1498 kg (2,178–3,300 lb.)
Tipping Load1146 kg (2,525 lb.)

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